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Have a question about our site, products, or policies? Some of your fellow shoppers may have been wondering the same thing. Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below, and let us know if there’s anything else on your mind.

How long is Shipping?

Typically, orders are processed and sent within 24 hours after placing. Transit times vary according to carrier and service, but our average is three days.

What is a Earth-o-logist?

It is a lifetime goal for anybody who wants to communicate the healing capabilities of the earth. Because of our earthologist, we've chosen to produce organic and eco-friendly bath products that will help people actually benefit from the planet we live on by enabling them to channel these beneficial qualities.

Can I return a product?

Due to the nature of our business, we do not accept any returns once the package is opened. If you received the wrong order send us an email immediately and do not open the soap. Once you open the product, we can not accept it for return or refund. Our soap products are very personal items and we are sure you understand why we can not accept returns.

Why does my soap look different than the last time I ordered it?

Because it's handmade, hand-poured, and hand-cut using all-natural ingredients which means that colors, patterns, and shapes can and do vary from batch to batch. Rest assured, formulas or scent blends are not altered in any way without stating this in the item description.

Shelf Life:

Soaps do not have a shelf life and in fact, just get better and better with age.

Store your products in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Climate Alert:

Soaps are cold processed and not affected by temperature.

Skin care products should be kept at room temperature to avoid melting/freezing.

Please take your climate conditions into consideration before ordering. Earth-o-logy is not responsible for loss or damage due to conditions outside of my control such as outdoor temperature, delivery conditions, or delivery locations.

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